Car Maintenance Checks

The risk of breakdown is something which car owners are fearful of, but this need not be the case with our handy car maintenance tips. Simply follow the advice provided and keep your car well-maintained and functioning fully year-round.

1. Water

  • Ensure that your car’s coolant level is topped up at all times by checking it on a regular basis. Remember, though, to only do this when your car’s engine is cold.
  • Make sure to have your car’s antifreeze concentration checked before winter each year, as antifreeze not only prevents the buildup of corrosion in the cooling system, but also stops the coolant freezing, making it an important feature of your vehicle at all points throughout the year.

2. Screenwash

  • A screenwash system in full working order is a legal requirement, whatever vehicle you may own. Like your vehicle’s water, make sure that the screenwash in your car is checked and topped up regularly.
  • During hot summer months and cold winter periods, top up the solution with a screenwash additive to help clear oily road grime in summer and to stop the screenwash from freezing as easily during winter.

3. Oil for engine

  • Make sure you check the dipstick at least every fortnight, and before any long journeys you may be undertaking.
  • Have your vehicle’s engine oil and filter changed at recommended service intervals, ensuring the use of oil of the correct specification.
  • High oil consumption can suggest a deeper issue with your engine, so keep an eye out for this.

1. Wipers

  • Replace wipers at least once a year to ensure their best performance at all times. Without doing so, the wiper blades will wear down considerably over time, and can even smear the windscreen once they have been worn down a fair amount.

2. Windscreen

  • Keep an eye out for stone damage, making regular checks to ensure that the driver’s vision and attention are not at risk of being compromised whilst driving the vehicle.
  • Should you discover a minor crack, this can easily be fixed by a windscreen specialist like the team here at The Windscreen Company.

3. Power steering

  • Have your vehicle’s fluid reservoir checked at each service, as well as checking it yourself on a monthly basis.
  • Should you require a top-up of fluid, make sure you use the correct hydraulic fluid as advertised in your vehicle’s handbook.

1. Lights

  • Check your entire vehicle’s lights - including indicators, brakes and fog lights - on a weekly basis.
  • Keep your vehicle’s lights clean, using a damp cloth to wipe any dirt and grime clean off them.

2. Vehicle’s bodywork

  • Make sure any damage to your car’s bodywork is dealt with promptly to ensure that rust does not have a chance to take hold.
  • If your vehicle is second-hand, make sure that you have an up-to-date record of any bodywork warranty schemes and subsequent inspections that your vehicle may have been enrolled on.

3. Tyres

  • Make sure you know the correct tyre pressures for your car, and remember to check them on a fortnightly basis using a gauge or garage air line, topping them up as required. When checking your tyres, also remember to check the spare!
  • Keep an eye on the condition of your tyres; particularly how worn their treads are getting and if they have any cuts or marks on their sidewalls. One indicator of a damaged tyre is if it requires constant top-ups with air - this is a strong sign that there may be a puncture.

1. Toolbox

  • Your vehicle’s handbook will detail where the toolkit is kept in your car, so make sure yours is in the correct location and contains the relevant kit.
  • The toolkit should at least contain a jack and wheel removal tools in the event of a required tyre change. For this purpose, it is important to familiarise yourself with the jacking points of your vehicle which are the points used to safely lift the car.
  • If your wheels have locking wheel nuts fitted, ensure that your toolkit also includes the key or removal tool to take these off in order to change a tyre.

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