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Driving Law Series: Eyesight Driving Laws

Many people will recall the part of their driving test involving the ability to read a registration plate on another vehicle nearby. This test is to ensure your eyesight is… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Your Windscreen Wipers Questions Answered

Windscreen wipers are a vital element of most road vehicles, ensuring we can see where we’re going even in the most difficult conditions. However, as many as two thirds of… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

MOT Windscreen Rules and Regulations for Cars

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, how old it is and what condition it’s in, an MOT is either a routine check or something to dread, something that… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Is It Legal to Drive with Snow on Your Car?

As we progress into winter, the possibility of waking up and seeing your car covered in thick snow starts to increase. While it might still be unlikely that you’ll fall… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

New Driving Laws for 2021

With the new year comes a few new driving laws that motorists need to be aware of. In this article, The Windscreen Company will detail these new rules and how… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Guide to Gaelic Road Signs

This month, The Windscreen Company is here to share with you our guide to Gaelic road signs in Scotland including what they are, their history, where they're used and some… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Is It Legal to Drive Without a Windscreen?

A windscreen protects you from a multitude of things, such as bugs, weather, wind (duh) and gives you an extra level of protection if you are involved in a collision… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Is It Legal to Drive with a Dirty Windscreen?

Visibility whilst driving is key to operating your vehicle correctly, so if you’re driving with a dirty windscreen, it’s likely you’re impeding your ability to drive safely. Previously, we’ve discussed… Continue reading »

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