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How to Buy a Car in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus and the restrictions imposed because of it have affected literally everything in our daily lives, from the way we interact with our friends and family to the way we… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

The Complete Guide to Car Security

Whether your car is your pride and joy or simply a means of getting from A to B, security needs to be a priority. Having your car broken into, or… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Is It Legal to Drive with Snow on Your Car?

As we progress into winter, the possibility of waking up and seeing your car covered in thick snow starts to increase. While it might still be unlikely that you’ll fall… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Vehicle Usage and the Spread of Coronavirus

With the UK in lockdown, people around the country are starting to think much more carefully about how their day-to-day actions impact the spread of the virus, especially when it… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

What To Do If Your Windscreen Breaks While Driving

Your windscreen is key to your view of the road, so if your view is compromised it can be very dangerous to continue driving. So what should you do if… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Car Dooring – What It Is & How to Avoid It

You might have spotted news stories in recent years which relate to incidents called “car dooring”, but the term might be a little general and doesn’t reflect the seriousness of… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Winter Car Checks for Driving in Snow and Ice [Checklist]

When it comes to ensuring your car is safe for use over winter, there are various checks you should be doing and precautions you should be taking. In this article… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Is it Legal to Drive Barefoot?

Answer No law explicitly forbids driving without shoes, but doing so could indirectly fall under the 1988 Road Traffic Act, as 'driving without due care and attention' is a minor… Continue reading »

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