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Money-Saving Driving Tips to Combat Fuel Rises

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Money-Saving Driving Tips to Combat Fuel Rises

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in recent months, you’ll be all too familiar with the rampant price rises of fuel that are affecting the UK. 

Petrol and diesel prices have hit a record high after the price for crude oil increased. While fuel had been steadily rising since the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia has seen the price shoot even higher up – mainly due to the fact that Russia was previously one of the biggest suppliers of oil in Europe. 

Driving Tips to Combat Fuel Rises

Combined with the rising price of energy, national insurance and the cost of living, any methods to make your vehicle’s fuel go further are welcome. 

The team here at The Windscreen Company has put together a list of great money-saving driving tips that will help you combat the fuel rises and keep more money in your pocket.  

Make your car more fuel-efficient

There are a few really basic things you can do to your vehicle that can make a huge difference when it comes to fuel efficiency. The first thing you should do is regularly check that your tyres are correctly inflated. In fact, tyres that are underinflated by just 15psi can use around 6% more fuel. Overall, it’s believed that tyres contribute to around 20% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption, so minimising fuel loss from them is crucial to making your car more efficient. Make sure to regularly check your tyre pressure, and inflate them if necessary. 

Removing any excess weight from your vehicle can also help when it comes to making your car more fuel-efficient. In particular, roof racks can add wind resistance to the vehicle, meaning your engine will have to work harder and thus use more fuel. 

Adapt your driving style 

Adapting your driving style can also help you use less fuel. By being kinder to your engine by being lighter on the accelerator and the brake, your engine will use less fuel meaning you won’t have to top up as often. The sweet spot in terms of fuel efficiency is to keep your vehicle under 3,000 revs. 

As well as this, driving in the highest possible gear for the speed you’re doing will also use less fuel, as will shifting through the gears quicker than you may normally. 

Shop around 

It might sound obvious, but shopping around for cheaper petrol prices is probably one of the best ways to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. While petrol and diesel prices are increasing everywhere at the moment, you can still do your bit to find a deal and make things easier for yourself. The website petrolprices.com will provide you with a comprehensive list of all the fuel suppliers in your area, meaning you can see where the cheapest fuel is being sold.  

Don’t use aircon or heating 

We’re all used to the great British weather’s seemingly random fluctuations by now. Whether it’s freezing cold mornings or a bout of unexpected sunshine, all modern vehicles come with air conditioning or heating to help with temperature control and make the experience more comfortable. 

Car Air-Con Switch

However, by cracking up the AC or whacking on the heating, your vehicle will be using more fuel. Instead, it’s far more economical to wear extra layers when it’s cold or open your car’s window if it’s too hot.   

The team at The Windscreen Company provides excellent windscreen repairs and replacement services to all types of vehicles. Operating throughout the South East and the West Midlands, to find out more about how we can help you, get in touch today. 

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