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Help & Advice

Help & Advice

What to Do with a Chipped Windscreen

Suffering a chip in your car’s windscreen is a common, unavoidable occurrence, that is very often the result of a small stone being thrown up by another vehicle into your… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

The Importance of Keeping a Clear Windscreen

Your vehicle’s windscreen is one of its most important features, designed to keep you sheltered from the elements, help you maintain a clear view of the road and protect you… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Pet Safety in Hot Weather

When the weather is warm, you inevitably want to go out and make the most of it. As a dog owner, this often leads to situations where you need to… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

What to Look Out For When Buying Windscreen Insurance?

Damage to a car windscreen can easily happen through loose stones on the road or even excessively cold weather in the winter. Even if the damage only appears to be… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

The Future of Glass Technology

In a world where we rely on smart technology to improve our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that drivers are also set to feel the benefits while they are on… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

8 Simple Steps to Change your Windscreen Wipers

Replacing your wiper blades is an essential task when you own any vehicle, although if you've never done it before, it can be tempting to pay someone to do it for… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Car Security: Keep Your Windscreens Safe

The majority of car break-ins, where the car was not stolen, are categorised as crimes of opportunity and are usually because the owner of the vehicle has left something valuable… Continue reading »

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