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Help & Advice

Help & Advice

Our Windscreen Replacement Process

Any damage to your windscreen can be costly.  Not just in terms of finances, but also your safety on the road. Your vehicle’s windscreen plays a fundamental role in keeping… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

BMW Unveils Colour Changing Car | E-Ink technology

Innovation plays a crucial role in the automotive industry, with some of the world’s biggest car manufacturers constantly exploring new ways to advance their offering and the sector as a… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Is Apple Launching an iCar?

Since its inception in the 1970s, Apple has transformed the way the human race has communicated with each other. From starting out as a passion project between friends to becoming… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Visit Our New Birmingham Depot!

At The Windscreen Company, we understand that road safety is the most important element of our work. Windscreen replacement and repairs play a fundamental role in keeping motorists safe on… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

What is the UK’s EV Charging Network Like in 2021?

In recent years, the world has become much more aware of its environmental impact, with many of us doing more to be kinder to our planet. Going hand in hand… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Windscreen Recalibration Checklist

From covering a driver’s blindspots to alerting them of hazards, most modern cars have some kind of camera or driving assistance technology in place. Almost all vehicles manufactured from 2016… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Self-Driving Cars on the Roads by 2022

For years now, vehicle manufacturers have been implementing autonomous elements into their vehicles - cruise control, collision detectors and automatic braking, to name a few. By the end of 2021,… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Types of Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Explained

Electric vehicles: there was a point in time where they were treated as a pipe dream, and no doubt many people believed that they’d never truly be a success. This… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Why You Shouldn’t Claim for Windscreen Work on Your Insurance

Windscreen damage can be annoying at best and dangerous at worst. If you notice a problem with your windscreen, it’s important that you have the issue rectified by a reputable… Continue reading »

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