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Petition Opposing New Two-Year MOT Plan Gains Momentum

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Petition Opposing New Two-Year MOT Plan Gains Momentum

With prices everywhere rising exponentially in 2022, the Government has frequently insisted that it is exploring every possible way to help the general public cope with the cost of living crisis. 

MOT testing centre

One proposal that has been put forward by the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, is to scrap the annual MOT and replace it with one every two years instead. The cost of an MOT varies depending on the type of vehicle you drive, with the maximum price being £54.85 for a car and £29.65 for a motorcycle. 

While the new proposals have been designed to help people save money, they’ve also been roundly criticised by many in the industry.  

So much so, that the owner of an AutoCentre branch in Newcastle has set up a petition to try and prevent the policy from being implemented. And it’s had a huge response. At the time of writing, the petition has exceeded more than 5,000 signatures, with people urging the government to rethink the proposals.  

What are the new MOT proposals?

Currently, it’s a legal requirement for every car that is more than three years old to undergo an MOT to ensure it’s safe to drive. These MOTs must take place once a year, but new proposals from Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggest this could change to once every two years. 

The thinking is that motorists will be saving up to £54.85 a year (the maximum MOT cost), which will help them cope with inflation being at a 30-year high, fuel increases, the rise in household bills and the overall cost of living crisis.   

Why have the new proposals been controversial? 

Since the new plans for MOTs were announced by the Transport Secretary, it’s been met by almost universal condemnation by the automotive industry. According to the RAC, shifting MOTs from one year to two years will compromise road safety, as many vehicles that may have failed an MOT test will now be allowed on the roads for an extra 12 months. 

Plus, Stephen Browne, who created the petition, believes that it will also cost people their job as fewer MOTs will need to be done. MOT testers can only go six months without doing an MOT before they have to undergo another demonstration test from the DVSA, meaning if people are not conducting them as regularly they may need to retrain.    

What do MOTs look for?

While the Government and industry experts discuss and debate the new MOT proposals, in the meantime nothing has changed. You will still require an MOT once a year to make sure your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. 

An MOT will check every aspect of your vehicle, ensuring it’s safe to drive. This includes:

  • Lamps, reflectors & electrical equipment this will include tests on your horn, car battery, electrical wiring and towbars
  • Steering and suspensionensuring steering wheels are secure and in good condition, and that the car’s suspension has components and shock absorbers that are not corroded or fractured 
  • Brakeschecks will be done to make sure that brakes are in good condition and all warning lights are working
  • Tyres & road wheelsmaking sure tread depth is at the legal level of 1.6mm and ensuring the tyres have no cuts, tears or bumps
  • Seatbeltsall seatbelts must be the correct length and work properly 
  • Body structure and general itemsthe car’s chassis, seats, doors, bonnet and boot will be checked to make sure there is no corrosion or sharp edges. Plus, registration plates, Vehicle Identification Numbers and speedometers are all as they should be
  • Exhaust, fuel & emissionsexhaust systems must be free of leaks and the vehicle’s emissions need to fall within the legal limits 
  • Driver’s view of the roadmirrors, wipers and windscreens will be inspected to ensure the driver has a safe view of the road ahead

If your car fails an MOT, the various elements that caused it to fail must be addressed before you’re able to safely drive your car again. 

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