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Quick Fixes for Leaky Windscreens

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Quick Fixes for Leaky Windscreens

If you’ve noticed dampness on your dashboard or moisture creeping down the inside edge of your windscreen, it may well be the case that the waterproof seal which holds the windscreen securely in place has become damaged or compromised in some way. Read on to find out what you should and can do about a leaky windscreen.

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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Windscreen Leaks

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As well as making it difficult to see out of the windscreen, unwanted water on the inside of your car can also have a damaging effect on upholstery and even penetrate deep into the electrical circuitry of your vehicle, potentially wreaking havoc with everything from the heating system to the powered window controls.

Quick Fixes for Leaking Windscreens

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Luckily there are a number of temporary measures you can put in place to prevent the problem getting worse until you can get your vehicle to an expert for a professional repair job.

Before You Start: Check the Leak is From the Windscreen

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In some cases although the water is found in the vicinity of the screen, it can have come from another source and been carried to its final destination by gravity. Problems such as blocked sunroof drains or a faulty seal around a rooftop aerial can result in moisture penetrating into your car, potentially dripping onto the windscreen or pooling on the dash.

If these options have been explored, check the seal around the screen to find the damaged area; often there will be an obvious split or bump which has occurred due to trauma or wear and tear. Once you’ve identified exactly where the water is coming from, effecting a temporary repair is fairly straight-forward.

How to Fix a Leaking Windscreen

Temporary Windscreen Leak Repair with Duct Tape

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Many excellent repairs have been undertaken using duct tape; simply stick it over the offending area and this is often enough to keep the water out until a more permanent repair can be undertaken. It has the advantage of being relatively easy to put in place and can be removed without damaging the rest of the seal.

Temporary Windscreen Leak Repair with a Silicon Sealant

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Other compounds which are frequently used are silicon sealant (similar to that found around bathroom seals) or bespoke windscreen sealants which can be purchased from a motor accessories shop, but can be expensive.

Sealants can do an excellent job, but are frequently fiddly to apply and may take time to dry sufficiently, so if it rains it could wash away. Some can also be difficult to remove when the permanent repair is undertaken.

Professional Windscreen Safety Check

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No matter how good a temporary repair is completed, it’s important that a windscreen is professionally repaired as soon as practicable. Windscreens are an essential part of vehicle safety and once they have begun to leak in one place it’s likely that additional leaks will soon follow. If the leak is caused by rust or other bodywork degeneration, it’s vital that the area is appropriately treated to prevent further decline.

A leak could well be an early sign of a more serious issue, so ensuring it gets professional attention it crucial. Unfortunately a sufficiently compromised windscreen may come partially (or even entirely) free from its seal, creating a dangerous scenario, particularly if travelling at speed.

A professional repair ensures the integrity of the screen is maintained and ensures that you can enjoy safe motoring within a comfortable, dry vehicle interior. Contact the experts at The Windscreen Company to get a quote today!

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