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Top 10 Iconic Windscreen Scenes in Films

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Top 10 Iconic Windscreen Scenes in Films

There’s nothing better for relaxing than sitting down, putting your feet up and sticking on a good film. Here at The Windscreen Company, we’ve put together our pick of the top ten scenes from films involving windscreens: our area of expertise.

Spoiler warning: contains spoilers for some of the films mentioned.

10. Carrie – Chris’ Death

Carrie car windscreen scene

Possibly the most gruesome of the bunch, this memorable scene in Carrie sees the school bully Chris being brutally killed by being launched at her own car’s windscreen from within following a faceoff with Carrie.

9. Wayne’s World – Let’s Rock!

Wayne's World Bohemian Rhapsody scene

Another scene simply shot through the windscreen of a vehicle, this one sees the four characters recreating the classic Bohemian Rhapsody amongst themselves; making for quite the racket!

8. Carnival of Souls – A Sinister Reflection

Carnival of Souls driving scene

Within the scene, a young woman driving through the night becomes increasingly aware of her own reflection in her vehicle’s glass. The scene films her through the windscreen, and sees her eventually crashing as she fails to notice obstacles in the road, with her isolation and inability to escape making for an even eerier atmosphere at the end of the scene.

7. Terminator 2 – Truck Chase

terminator 2 truck chase scene

During this action-packed scene, the villain is in a high speed chase with a young boy on a motorcycle. We see the villain pushing clean through the windscreen of his giant truck as it is deemed useless following the roof of the vehicle being ripped off by a low bridge.

6. Dumb and Dumber – The Most Annoying Sound in the World

van windscreen scene in Dumb & Dumber

Shot through the windscreen from outside, we see three characters travelling in their truck. The journey, though unremarkable in many ways, is made eventful by Jim Carrey’s character making an incessantly loud and irritating noise, proclaiming it to be the most annoying sound in the world.

5. Men in Black – Splat!

Men In Black dragonfly windscreen scene

During the credits for this film, we the viewers track the journey of a dragonfly up above a city, before it descends and flies amidst a group of cars. The dragonfly swoops down and, finally, hits a windscreen at force leading it to die on impact.

4. Pulp Fiction – I Shot Marvin in the Face

Pulp Fiction Marvin car scene

While transporting Marvin, a witness to a crime they have committed, Jules and Vincent are deep in discussion when Vincent accidentally shoots Marvin in the face when the car jerks unexpectedly. Blood is splattered across the windscreen, as well as the characters, and accompanying the incident is the simple – yet iconic – line from Vincent: “I shot Marvin in the face”.

3. Toy Story 2 – Pizza Delivery Truck

Toy Story 2 - the toys driving the pizza delivery truck

A take on a traditional windscreen view shot from the movies, in this scene the toys hijack a pizza delivery truck in order to chase and retrieve their friends who are being stolen away in another vehicle, attempting to operate the giant vehicle themselves.

2. Godfather – A Hail of Bullets

This scene shows a particularly gruesome incident in which the character Sonny is murdered. Whilst sat in his car at a vehicle checkpoint, he comes under heavy fire from a number of gunmen, with the bullets ripping through his vehicle’s glass and shattering it with epic force.

1. Jurassic Park – A Close Call

In this memorable scene in the film, the group of characters are trapped, powerless within their vehicle as they watch the escaped T-Rex come right up to the vehicle, swinging its menacing tail up next to the windscreen.

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The Full Windscreen Scenes Graphic

We hope you enjoyed our countdown of iconic windscreen scenes in films. We’ve put all the images and information together in the graphic below. If you’d like to use the graphic on your website or social media, go ahead but please link back to us as the original source. Thank you.


Top 10 Iconic Windscreen Scenes in Films infographic

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