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Trial to Banish Loud Engines & Exhausts

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Trial to Banish Loud Engines & Exhausts

Almost everyone can relate to having a nice relaxing afternoon in their garden or out with friends when the loud, obnoxious sound of a modified, roaring exhaust spoils the peace.

Famous among ‘boy racers’, loud, modified exhausts are actually illegal, however, it’s incredibly hard for police to gather evidence or prosecute the perpetrators. That said, a new scheme from the Department of Transport is looking to change that.

In this article, The Windscreen Company team will provide you with everything you need to know about the new trial.


Why is the trial taking place? 

Excessive noise pollution from illegal engines and exhausts can cause so much more damage than simply annoying people. In fact, research shows that in areas where this noise pollution is most prevalent, it can have a huge impact on both the physical and mental health of residents who have to put up with it. This includes a higher risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes and stress. The noise can also disrupt the sleep of children and adults, impacting their performances at school and work as a result.

It has been estimated that the annual social cost of noise pollution is a staggering £10 billion, with most of this money being spent to treat mental and physical health disorders that have been triggered or made worse due to excessive noise.

With this in mind, it’s clear something needed to be done about the issue, with complaints regarding noise pollution far more prominent in economically disadvantaged parts of the country.

How will it work? 

The new plans, as outlined by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, will see £300,000 invested to try and tackle the problem. In collaboration with the technical consultancy group Atkins-Jacobs Joint Venture, the police will be provided with innovative cameras that can automatically detect when cars are breaking legal noise requirements. Police will also be provided with real-time reports, giving them quick and easy access to evidence they need to crack down on noisy and troublesome motorists.

The technology being used has spent the last three years in development and is now ready to be officially trialled in the UK. Four undisclosed areas in England and Wales, have been selected to trial the technology and if it proves successful it could be rolled out nationwide.

What are the current exhaust rules?  

There are specific rules regarding what you can and cannot do to your exhaust in terms of modification. It depends on the specific changes you’ve made, but as a general rule, most big-bore or sports exhausts are illegal on cars. This is due to the excessive noise levels they can bring, making them a public nuisance, as well as the fact that they tend to release more harmful emissions. Filters and turbos can be applied to exhausts, but they must pass an MOT test in order to be considered roadworthy.

At the moment, any drivers that are caught with illegal exhausts will receive an on-the-spot £50 fine and could have their vehicle taken off the roads until the offending exhaust has been removed.

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