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Help & Advice: We’re rebranding!

We’re rebranding!

Any time. Any vehicle. Any glass.

As you might already know, last year we turned 20 as a business. We’ve been growing as a family this whole time while making efforts to increase our reach and provide the best possible service for our customers.

This year, we’re going one step further and rebranding to reflect the way our business has changed and to put us one step ahead of the competition. We’ve been operating under the name ‘The Windscreen Company’ for a long time, and as such it has evolved through several stages alongside our ambition.

To reflect our growth, as well as our dedication for servicing the specific needs of our varied client base, we’re creating the TWC Group, which will consist of three dedicated sub-brands:

  • Home & Drive
  • Truck & Fleet
  • Plant & Agri
TWC Group New Logo White

The New TWC Group Design

Working hard behind the scenes, our marketing team at Adtrak have put together some stunning designs to showcase our new branding and new company structure. We’ve been on a journey with the team and are pleased to unveil our new branding to clients and customers. To give you some insight into the thought process, here’s how the concept was brought to life.

The TWC Group Logo – The inspiration for the new branding came from our industry, with the upper-case ‘W’ suggestive of both the shape of glazing, its reflective properties and the core product at the heart of our work. The movement suggested by the angle of the work is also consistent with our message that we’ll come to you – at home or by the roadside.

The TWC Colours – We’ve not strayed too far from our traditional colours, but have opted for a softer palette of red-orange and a rich navy blue. Both of these are designed to inject some life into our branding. To help separate our sub-brands (more on that below) we’ve implemented some new colours, giving each sub-brand an associated colour. This will help our customers and clients better identify with the services on offer.

The TWC Assets – As part of the overhaul to our image, we’ll be updating the website later this year. In addition to this, we’ve already begun to refurbish our premises using our fresh new branding, adding in some new touches to bring the company and the brand together. You’ll also be able to see this branding on all other assets, including letters, contact cards and our vans.

We have our new vans on the road! Have you spotted us?

The Windscreen Company's New Rebranded Van Replacing a Truck's Windscreen for Repair Windscreen Repair for a BMW

What are our new sub-brands and what do they cover?

TWC Home & Drive New Logo TWC Home & Drive New Van

Home & Drive – This arm of our business will cater to drivers across our coverage area. Whether you own a Toyota Aygo for your daily commute and school run, drive for fun in your Mazda or use a Ford Transit in your self-employed business, we cater for you. Chip repairs, as well as full windscreen replacements, can be done at your home or by the roadside, wherever is easier for you.

TWC Truck & Fleet New Logo

Truck & Fleet – For those with scaleable needs and multiple vehicles to maintain, we provide service contracts; this means your vehicles remain safe and legally compliant so they can be kept in operation and on schedule. From HGVs to company cars, we provide swift and efficient repairs and replacement at your site or somewhere safe by the roadside.

TWC Plant & Agri New Logo

Plant & Agri – Having machinery or equipment out of action is costly, both in terms of money but also in relation to the schedule of any project or works. Through this dedicated portion of our business, we provide a rapid response to ensure your work isn’t delayed. Whether you’ve got tractors, digging equipment or a forklift, we repair and replace all types of glass.

What does this mean for our customers?

For all our customers, our services and dedication to getting your vehicle back on the road remain. The only difference you’ll see is our updated branding, depending on which sub-brand your needs are most closely related to.

We understand that different customers have different priorities, which is why we’re shaping our business around you. You can continue to contact us in exactly the same way and any clients already in a service contract with us will not have their service affected.

There’s a dedicated service for everyone, no matter how simple or complex your needs, and our expert technicians are on hand to help – simply contact us and we’ll be on hand to help. Any time. Any vehicle. Any glass.


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