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Why You Shouldn’t Claim for Windscreen Work on Your Insurance

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Why You Shouldn’t Claim for Windscreen Work on Your Insurance

Windscreen damage can be annoying at best and dangerous at worst. If you notice a problem with your windscreen, it’s important that you have the issue rectified by a reputable windscreen repair company as quickly as possible. However, there’s an additional question: should you claim for windscreen work through your insurer? In this article, The Windscreen Company will look at why people might choose to go directly to a windscreen repair company rather than claiming through insurance.

Your Insurance May Not Cover Windscreen Repair

windscreen technician repairing a chip

There’s no catch-all answer to this question – it depends entirely on your insurer and your policy. Many policies do cover windscreen repairs, but you should check with your insurer before proceeding with any claims. Some people go ahead with the process of claiming through insurance before realising they’re not actually covered for windscreen claims. This is an additional headache that you can certainly do without.

Claiming Through Insurance Limits Your Choice of Companies

Not every insurer has a working relationship with a trusted windscreen repair company. If you choose a company that doesn’t work with your insurer, your insurer may require you to pay extra for the work. 

There are also likely to be caveats even if you choose an insurer-approved windscreen company. For example, you may only have a certain number of days to arrange for the repairs, or you may need to pay extra if the damage occurs within the first 30 days of your policy commencing. What’s more, the windscreen repair company your insurer works with might be very busy, slow, or known for sub-par service – this may mean you end up waiting longer for repairs. 

By going directly to a trusted company like The Windscreen Company, you can be sure of a quick turnaround and the highest quality service. Click here to see reviews of our service from our customers.

Claiming for Your Windscreen Repair Could Affect Your No Claims

chipped windscreen - view from inside of a car

Again, this depends on your insurer and your policy. If windscreen cover isn’t specified within your insurance policy, your no claims could well be affected and you may be liable to pay the full cost of the excess for the repairs or replacement. In reality, whether or not your no claims bonus is affected may depend on the type of damage sustained and how your vehicle sustained it. 

Claiming Through Insurance Can Take Time

windscreen van on road

When you claim through your insurance, your insurer then needs to contact the windscreen repair company to sort out the work, payment and other administrative details. This is much more convoluted than going directly to the windscreen repair company. What’s more, if you go through your insurer, you’re likely to be behind a queue of people who are also making insurance claims, which can further hamper the process.

By going directly to a trusted, reputable business like The Windscreen Company, you are guaranteeing yourself high quality service and the highest standard of work. Our mobile repair and replacement service means we can come to you anywhere in the South East for your utmost convenience. Contact us today for more information about our windscreen repair and replacement services.

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