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Windscreen Delamination: The Problem with Many Layers

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Windscreen Delamination: The Problem with Many Layers

When we think of windscreen problems, we often think of chips and cracks, but there’s another issue that can cause problems with our vehicles’ glass: delamination. In this article, The Windscreen Company are going to detail what delamination is, what causes it and what to do if you notice delamination on your vehicle.

What is Windscreen Delamination?

Car windscreens consist of three layers: two glass layers with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sandwiched between them. Windscreen delamination is when one of the layers of glass in the windscreen separates from the PVB interlayer. When this interlayer comes off the glass, areas of the windscreen can start to look opaque, which is obviously a serious hazard for drivers. 

laminated windscreen glass

What Does Windscreen Delamination Look Like?

Windscreen delamination looks like a cloudy section of your windscreen. It will usually start in the corners or edges of the windscreen – you’ll notice these cloudy, milky patterns bordering the glass. The process is similar to when air bubbles develop in the protective layer you get on a new phone – when the layers separate, you can see the milky-looking colour of the film itself.

What Causes Windscreen Delamination?

Windscreen delamination is caused by moisture getting into our windscreens. When the moisture gets in between the layers, it thins the bond between the PVB and the glass, which causes the separation. 

Is Windscreen Delamination More Common in Older Cars?

Although it’s not guaranteed that an older car will suffer from windscreen delamination, it is more likely simply due to the natural wear and tear a car endures over time. The glazing rubber on the edges of our windscreens will deteriorate over the years, which makes it easier for moisture to seep between the layers. The strength of the bonding between the interlayer and glass will weaken over time, too, which of course exacerbates the delamination issue.

My Windscreen is Delaminated, What Do I Do?

Depending on the stage of delamination, different courses of action are required. However, regardless of whether the delamination has just started or it’s become quite severe, you should contact an expert windscreen technician like The Windscreen Company. No matter the make, model or age of your vehicle, we’ll advise you on the best course of action – we can repair and replace windscreens quickly, safely and professionally to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

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