Windscreen Camera Calibration

The Windscreen Company have been offering expert windscreen repairs and replacements to vehicles for many years, priding ourselves on our excellent customer service, 24 hours a day call-outs and quick response times.

Now, as ADAS camera systems are becoming an in-built technology for all vehicles manufactured from 2016 onwards, we are pleased to announce that we now offer expert windscreen camera calibrations for ADAS systems, as well as re-calibration services if your camera was to be disturbed.

ADAS Calibration

Our skilled team of technicians have undergone the necessary training to handle the delicate systems with care, ensuring a consistent, focused attention on every detail of the calibration process.

This is essential for guaranteeing that the camera has a clear view of the road, ensuring that if required, your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems offer prompt and accurate deployment.

Our services can help you if:

  • You have had your windscreen replaced
  • Your camera has been disconnected or partially removed
  • The camera or dashboard is showing a fault code
  • Your vehicle has had its wheels realigned
  • The suspension of your vehicle has been changed

Our dedication to offering a prompt and reliable service means that no matter what time of day or night it is, if your system is to fail and require urgent re-calibration, we can help. We operate throughout the South East – including Ipswich and Essex to perform this service.

To book in your ADAS calibration, get in contact with The Windscreen Company today.

We are fully accredited and experienced in carrying out camera calibrations on vehicles.

Also, when we carry out a windscreen replacement on your vehicle, we will arrange to calibrate your camera, keeping your ADAS system fully functional and responsive at all times.