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Help & Advice

Is It Legal to Drive with an Icy Windscreen?

When learning to drive, you quickly realise one of the most important aspects of driving is to keep your eyes on the road at all times, with an unobstructed view.… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Water Ingress in Cars – A Complete Guide

Unmaintained vehicles can lead to water ingress, which means they’re no longer watertight. You may not know your vehicle is letting in water until you experience particularly bad weather and… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

How To Recycle Windscreen Wipers

With it becoming increasingly important to recycle many of the items we use in daily life (including recycling windscreens), you may be wondering how to recycle your old, worn out… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

How to Demist your Windscreen Quickly – 3 Steps to a Clear Windscreen

We have all been in the position of waiting for our windscreen to demist, and it is safe to say that it will happen to anyone, no matter what vehicle… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Car Maintenance Checks

Keep your car well-maintained and functioning fully year-round by following the advice provided here. Continue reading »

Help & Advice

How to Stop Your Windscreen from Misting Up

Any driver will agree that one of the most irritating things that can happen whilst driving is the windscreen misting up. Not only is it impractical, it can be severely… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

What’s the Cause of Smudges on Your Windscreen?

Do you get annoyed because whenever you turn on your windscreen wipers, they leave smudgy trails? It's a common issue making things difficult for drivers all around the world and… Continue reading »

Help & Advice

Top Tips: Removing Car Window Stickers

Everyone can relate to the frustration that goes hand in hand with removing an old window sticker. Often, it begins to peel off all on its own, but when removed… Continue reading »

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