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How Much Does Windscreen Repair & Replacement Cost?

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How Much Does Windscreen Repair & Replacement Cost?

If your windscreen develops a problem, whether it’s a chip, a crack or something else, then you’ll likely wonder whether it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced entirely. These are two very different processes and as such incur different costs – The Windscreen Company are here with some information regarding windscreen repair vs replacement.

Influencing Factors

There are several factors that will influence the cost of your windscreen service. The first factor is whether or not your windscreen needs repairing or replacing – of course, a replacement will cost more than a repair. If your windscreen has a crack in it that obscures the driver’s line of sight, then it will need to be replaced; the same goes for if the glass has a chip in it which is larger than a £2 coin.

The model of your car plays a key role, too. The rarer the model of vehicle, the harder it may be to source the right kind of glass for your windscreen, which will add to the cost of the job.

Finally, many modern cars use technology called ADAS (Advanced Driver Aid Systems) to help drivers on the road by notifying them about things like lane drifting, other vehicles and more. Some of this technology, like cameras and sensors, are stored in the windscreen and need to be calibrated whenever repairs or replacements are made. This calibration can influence the cost of a windscreen job, too. If you have a modern car with ADAS installed, your windscreen repair or replacement may cost more than it would for a car without ADAS.

Cost of Windscreen Repair Compared to Replacement

Windscreen repairs are cheaper than having your windscreen completely replaced. Replacement will only be recommended if it’s absolutely necessary – if the damage to your windscreen can be repaired, then we’ll do our utmost to repair it. In terms of insurance, almost all providers will cover windscreen repairs, but you may be liable for an excess charge if you need a windscreen replacement. When you come to The Windscreen Company, we can communicate directly with your insurance company to organise claiming the cost through them, rather than you.

Click here for a more detailed breakdown of the costs of the difference between repair and replacement.

Windscreen Replacement Prices

As mentioned before, the price of the windscreen replacement depends on a number of things, namely the model of car and the features it possesses. For example, replacing the windscreen on a 1990 Ford Fiesta may cost around £135*, but replacing the windscreen on your Tesla Model 3 may well start at £3,000*. The technology involved in a Model 3 is simply lightyears ahead of the Fiesta, and so the job is much more complex.

For greater clarity, you can contact the experts at The Windscreen Company and we’ll be able to give you a detailed quote based on your vehicle and the work required.

It is imperative that you take windscreen damage seriously, no matter how minor it may seem. Driving with a damaged windscreen is not only dangerous but a motoring offence, too, and issues with a windscreen can lead to MOT failure. So, if you have a problem with your windscreen, contact The Windscreen Company today; we serve Ipswich, Essex and the South East, providing the highest standard of windscreen repair and replacement.

*These prices are given as a rough guide. Please contact us to get a precise quote for your vehicle.

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