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At The Windscreen Company, we do everything we can to make life easier for our clients. This includes providing them with as much information as possible about our service, so if you do need windscreen repairs or a full replacement, you have peace of mind.

Our team of expert technicians are always happy to answer any questions you may have. With this in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of some of the most common questions we come across. 

Company Information

Yes you can. Simply get in touch with us via [ald_default] or through our callback form, giving us the details of your vehicle and your issue, and we’ll get back to you with a free, no-obligation quote.
Our operations cover the South East and Essex, as well as the West Midlands and surrounding areas. For a full list of the locations we work in, visit our areas covered page. No matter where you’re based in these areas, we provide mobile windscreen repairs and replacement services, meaning we can head directly to your location to carry out the work.
We can replace windscreens for vehicles of all makes and models, from brand new Ferraris and BMWs to older Citroens and Fiats. No matter your vehicle, you can rely on The Windscreen Company for stellar service. Find out more here.
When you get in touch with us, we’ll need to know the make and model of your vehicle, your registration number and where you’re based. At this stage, if you want us to liaise with your insurance provider, let us know who your coverage is with and we can check if we work with them.
At The Windscreen Company, we work alongside all kinds of vehicles. If you need an electric and hybrid windscreen for your EV, we’re here to help. Likewise, if you are a commercial organisation with a fleet of vehicles, drive a truck or HGV, have agricultural vehicles or any other kind of vehicle, we can provide you with leading windscreen repairs or replacements. Just let us know what you drive, and we'll do the rest.
This depends on the specific coverage you have. For example, if you have a premium package it’s likely they’ll cover the full costs. On the other hand, a standard package may not. Check with your individual package provider to find out what is covered. At The Windscreen Company, we work alongside some of the industry’s biggest insurance providers. If we work with your provider, we can handle the entire claim, liaising with them directly about the work so you don’t have to do a thing. Check which providers we work with when you get in touch to find out if we work with yours.


Whether your no claims bonus will be affected by windscreen repairs will depend on the specifics of your individual policy. In many cases, insurers will not penalise you for a windscreen repair as it falls into a different category compared to theft or accidental damage. However, to be sure, our team can communicate directly with your insurer on your behalf and can handle any claims, removing this burden from you.

Plant & Agri

Yes, The Windscreen Company offers a specialist plant and agricultural service (TWC Plant & Agri) that sees our team regularly work on a whole host of commercial, agricultural and construction vehicles. This means that when cab glass is damaged on your vehicle or machinery, our expert technicians can restore the glass to its original condition. Plus, this service also ensures all of the glass on your important equipment meets the required legal standards. You can find out more about TWC Plant & Agri here.

Windscreen Calibration Services

If you need to get your windscreen recalibrated, it’s important that you are using a professionally trained technician who is an expert in the craft. Not all windscreen companies can conduct windscreen recalibration, as certain qualifications and accreditations are required to carry it out.    Fortunately, at The Windscreen Company, we have a number of experts who are capable of performing windscreen recalibrations. By making use of our service, you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving a high-quality level of work that will keep you safe on the road. So, if you require windscreen recalibration, get in touch with The Windscreen Company today.
The length of time it takes is dependent on the type of recalibration being performed on your vehicle. Dynamic recalibration includes a 15-minute drive cycle, but the whole process takes around 30 minutes.  Static recalibration takes slightly longer, with the entire process complete after around an hour. If your windscreen is being replaced before a recalibration, it’ll take about two hours. Your garage will contact you if any additional time will be needed.
If any of the ADAS cameras or sensors become misaligned, it means all of the systems could be impacted. This compromises the integrity of how the system functions, meaning you run the risk of an accident that would otherwise be prevented if the cameras were correctly calibrated.  With this in mind, it’s vital that all cameras are aligned correctly, something that ADAS calibration can guarantee.
There are no official legal requirements in regards to car windscreen calibration, however, at The Windscreen Company we do have some recommendations we think you should follow.  According to the ADAS Code of Practice, whenever you have a windscreen replaced the company carrying out the work should also conduct a recalibration. If you opt not to have windscreen recalibration (something we highly advise against) then you must sign a waiver declaring it was your decision. This means that if an accident does occur, those who worked on the vehicle will not be responsible.  Windscreen calibration is vitally important to road safety, and advice from professional technicians should always be followed.
Windscreen calibration impacts every element of your vehicle’s ADAS equipment, so it must be properly calibrated at all times.  If you have any of the following ADAS systems in place, then windscreen calibration will affect how they operate:
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Automatic parking
  • Blind spot monitor 
  • Collision avoidance system 
  • Driver monitoring system 
  • Emergency driver assist 
  • Emergency braking 
  • Lane departure warning system 
  • Traffic sign recognition 
These are just a few examples of what calibration affects, but any ADAS technology will be realigned with car windscreen calibration.
Most vehicles manufactured since 2016 have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in place. These systems include a range of different things, including emergency braking, cruise control, parking assistance and much more. They’re designed to minimise the number of accidents that occur on the roads. If you have ADAS systems in place on your vehicle, it’s important they’re recalibrated following a windscreen replacement. This is because they work using cameras and sensors, some of which are mounted in and around the vehicle’s windscreen. If they’re not recalibrated following the replacement of a windscreen, they may not work correctly and your vehicle could be unsafe to drive. With this in mind, whenever we complete any windscreen replacement that involves ADAS systems, we’ll always make sure to provide ADAS recalibration as part of the service.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) uses a whole host of cameras and sensors to detect the road around you, but if these become misaligned it will impact the effectiveness of all the ADAS equipment.  Windscreen Calibration is the process of adjusting the cameras and sensors to ensure they’re accurate, reliable and keep you, and other road users, safe. 
There are two ways to recalibrate your ADAS systems: dynamic calibration and static calibration. Dynamic calibration typically takes place at the roadside, with a mobile unit coming out to you. Equipment will then be plugged into your vehicle and taken on a 15-minute drive cycle to calibrate your ADAS. Static calibration takes place in a garage. When you bring your car to one of The Windscreen Company’s depots we’ll perform the calibration in a dedicated bay, without the need to physically drive it. Our team will use specialist equipment and levelled flooring to achieve recalibration.
If you have an ADAS system in place in your car, it’s always worthwhile having your windscreen recalibrated from time to time to ensure your systems are working at their best. If you suspect your cameras have become slightly altered for whatever reason, then this is also a good time to make use of recalibration services from The Windscreen Company.  In particular, if you experience any of the following then you should have your windscreen recalibrated:
  • If your windscreen has been replaced 
  • If a fault is showing on your dashboard 
  • If the camera has disconnected 
  • If your suspension has been changed 
  • If your wheel alignment has been changed

Windscreen Repair & Replacement

Rain won’t stop us! We use canopies to cover your vehicle while we work, so we can repair or replace your vehicle’s windscreen in any weather.
Many of our plant and agri customers choose to have a contract with us, but there is no obligation to do so. We also offer one-off repairs and emergency repairs- whatever is most suitable for you. However, having a contract with us can be beneficial if you have an array of agricultural or construction vehicles that may require more regular windscreen servicing. Our team is always available to discuss the best option for you.
The main question people will want to know when they’ve sustained windscreen damage is whether they need a full windscreen replacement, or if repairs will suffice. Sometimes, for minor damage, a repair will be enough. However, if the damage is in the driver’s line of sight, no matter how small, it will always require a full windscreen replacement. This is because any cracks, dents or chips that obscure your vision can be dangerous for you and others on the road. As well as this, you’ll need a windscreen replacement if:
  • the damage is more extensive than the face of a £1 coin
  • has cracks more prominent than 3cm
  • the location of the damage is less than 5cm away from the frame-pane side
  • if any damage has made its way to the inside of the windscreen
Your windscreen will need to be replaced if the damage obstructs the driver’s eyeline, if the damage is on the interior of the windscreen or if the damage is affecting both the interior and exterior of the windscreen simultaneously.
We pride ourselves on being efficient, and we’ll always strive to deliver a quick turnaround time. However, the speed of the job depends on the make and model of your car and how rare/specific the glass is. If you drive one of the UK’s most popular cars, for example, we’ll be able to source the glass quicker than we would if you drove a limited edition supercar. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss turnaround times for your vehicle’s windscreen repair or replacement.
The length of time it can take to fix a windscreen will vary significantly depending on the level of damage, the service required and the type of vehicle the work is being carried out on. However, our expert technicians are experienced in handling windscreen repairs and replacements for any kind of agricultural or construction vehicle and strive for same-day repairs that can get you moving again as soon as possible. In emergency situations, we’re also available 24/7.
Typically, a windscreen replacement will take our team between one and two hours. This can vary depending on your type of vehicle. However, we always strive to get you back on the road again as soon as possible, and if you’re in an emergency situation, we provide a same-day service that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The cost of windscreen replacement depends on a number of factors, including the age, make and model of your car and the rarity of the glass we need to use. Whatever vehicle you have, though, you can be sure of competitive prices from The Windscreen Company. Click here to read more about windscreen replacement costs.
The cost of windscreen repairs or a windscreen replacement will always vary. A full windscreen replacement will always be more expensive than minor repairs, but sometimes it’s the only solution due to safety concerns. The price will also depend on the model of the car and its features. For example, if you have ADAS systems on your vehicle, the windscreen will require recalibration to make sure they’re working properly, which will impact the price. For a precise price, contact our team who will be able to help.
A windscreen replacement is classed as an insurance claim. If you choose to claim for the cost of windscreen replacement through your insurance, then The Windscreen Company will do everything we can to make that as easy as possible. We work with various insurance providers, and if we work with yours, you can let us deal with them to ensure your claim is submitted on your behalf.
Driving with a damaged windscreen can be extremely dangerous. If your vision is obscured by a chip or a crack, you must not drive until it’s been fixed. If you do, you are breaking the law and, if caught, will face a £500 fine, three penalty points on the licence or both of these measures. It’ll be down to the individual law enforcement officer to determine the appropriate punishment. Plus, you’re putting yourself and everyone else on the road at risk, so don’t leave it up to chance.
Typically, there are two types of glass used when replacing a windscreen: Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass and Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) glass. An OEM windscreen refers to the glass that has been manufactured by the same company as your vehicle’s original glass. Whereas OEE glass is glass that matches the original specifications of your vehicle’s glass, but has been manufactured elsewhere. OEM glass is always the better option, and something we use across our operations.
Yes! We can replace your heated windscreen with the same efficiency and professionalism as we would replace a standard windscreen. As with all our work, we offer excellent value for money, combining competitive prices with the highest standard of workmanship. To find out more about our heated windscreen replacement, please click here.

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