Money Saving Driving Tips

Money-Saving Driving Tips to Combat Fuel Rises

Money-Saving Driving Tips to Combat Fuel Rises

Unless you’ve been living under a rock in recent months, you’ll be all too familiar with the rampant price rises of fuel that are affecting the UK.

Petrol and diesel prices have hit a record high after the price for crude oil increased. While fuel had been steadily rising since the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent invasion of Ukraine by Russia has seen the price shoot even higher up – mainly due to the fact that Russia was previously one of the biggest suppliers of oil in Europe.

Combined with the rising price of energy, national insurance and the cost of living, any methods to make your vehicle’s fuel go further are welcome.

The team here at The Windscreen Company has put together a list of great money-saving driving tips that will help you combat the fuel rises and keep more money in your pocket.