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Why We Don’t Repair Windscreen Scratches

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Why We Don’t Repair Windscreen Scratches

While there are things you can do to remove or soften the appearance of scratches in your windscreen – such as polishing the scratch – it has been found that such attempts can reduce the structural integrity of your windscreen by as much as 30%. In actual fact, windscreen scratches can’t be repaired – instead, a scratched windscreen will need replacing. While it might seem a bit excessive for a scratch, it is important that you don’t compromise your safety with attempted scratch repairs.

What Should I Do if My Windscreen is Scratched?

If your windscreen is scratched, contact The Windscreen Company. For customers in Essex, Ipswich and the South East, we offer a rapid, efficient windscreen replacement service; with a wide range of stock, we can cater for vehicles of any make, model and age. We also offer a mobile windscreen replacement service whereby we come to you, wherever you are. Whether you need a new car windscreen or windscreen replacement for your truck, van or HGV, we’ve got you covered.

For more information about our windscreen replacement services, please contact us today.

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