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The Complete Guide to Car Security

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The Complete Guide to Car Security

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Whether your car is your pride and joy or simply a means of getting from A to B, security needs to be a priority. Having your car broken into, or worse, stolen, can present a costly inconvenience at best and a complete obstruction to your daily life at worst. That’s why The Windscreen Company has created this guide.

Anti-theft devices

307 cars are stolen every day. That’s 100,000 cars a year, and one car stolen every five minutes. These statistics are quite astonishing, but as automotive technology improves year on year, so too do security features. Modern cars have a wealth of in-built technology, but there are also aftermarket features that you can buy to enhance your vehicle’s protection. From the latest in modern innovation to tried-and-tested methods, consider some of the following:

Steering lock

Used for years, the steering lock is simple and effective. Fastening it to your steering wheel whenever you leave your vehicle will ensure that thieves can’t steal your car.

Electronic tracking

A much more sophisticated device, an electronic tracker can be fitted to your car, meaning that even if someone does manage to take it, you’ll know exactly where it is at all times. It’s very important, though, that you don’t go looking for the car yourself – if it’s stolen, call the police and inform them of its whereabouts.


These may be a little expensive to buy, but a camera facing into your vehicle or out through the windscreen can prove extremely useful in the event of someone trying to steal your car. A camera might put the thief off entirely, but if it doesn’t deter them, it may well catch their face and help the authorities identify them.

Window and Sunroof Security

car sunroof

The most common way for a thief to steal a car is to smash a window and unlock the car from the inside. It may seem like there’s no defence against such methods, but there is – window security film. 

Window security film is an invisible, multi-layer protection system that bonds to the glass in your car, strengthening it exponentially and protecting it from various impacts. This film makes it very difficult to break the glass, which is ideal for preventing both deliberate damage and accidental damage arising from road hazards.

In an unfortunate event your car window has been smashed, get the window replaced as soon as possible.

Register Your Valuables

Did you know you can register your valuables for free? Doing so means that if the police were to recover your vehicle or your valuables, you’ll be notified so that you can collect them. You can register your items at the Immobilise Property Register.


CCTV on your property not only protects your vehicle, but also the entire premises. While it can be expensive initially, it could save you thousands of pounds by deterring thieves from breaking into your vehicle, your home or your business. If it doesn’t deter them, it’ll certainly help the police catch the offenders and potentially result in them retrieving your vehicle. 

Secure Parking

secure car park

Another effective way of stopping car theft is to either park your car where thieves can’t get to it, or make it impossible for them to remove the car from the parking spot. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of off-road parking at home, but if you do, there’s no better way to protect your vehicle than storing it in a garage. 

There’s another way to protect your vehicle at home, but it can be quite pricey and requires significant installation work; retractable bollards. By installing these at the end of your drive and raising them once you’ve parked your car, it makes it basically impossible for a thief to remove your car from your drive, even if they manage to break in and start the engine.

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