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Is It Legal to Drive Without a Windscreen?

Reading time 3 minutes • Last updated on November 30th, 2023

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Is It Legal to Drive Without a Windscreen?

Last updated on November 30th, 2023What does this mean?

A windscreen protects you from a multitude of things, such as bugs, weather, wind (duh) and gives you an extra level of protection if you are involved in a collision on the road. So why wouldn’t you want a windscreen? Well, apparently some mad hatters have created cars that are designed without a windscreen! But, is driving without a windscreen even legal? In this article, we discuss the laws and safety considerations of driving without a windscreen.

Is it safe to drive without a windscreen?

(Hint: it’s not)

If you happen to own a car, such as a Jeep or a car that lets you fold down the windscreen, then you can drive without the windscreen up. However, there are a few precautions you should take to protect yourself whilst driving without a windscreen. Eye protection or a helmet is highly recommended, as a variety of materials can collide with your face, causing injury – even small bugs can cause bruises and eye damage at a high speed.

somebody with a helmet on driving in a car without a windscreen

If your windscreen has been smashed and you’re miles away from help, you can drive without a windscreen. You must ensure there is absolutely no glass around the edges and keep all your other windows shut. It might be difficult to drive at first, but eventually, once you reach a certain speed, air pressure builds up inside the car, making the ride more bearable. Although this is legal, it is better to get a temporary windscreen in the meantime – most service stations stock them.

Would you pass an MOT without a windscreen?

Short answer? Not really.

Considering you may not pass if there is a chip or crack in certain parts of the windscreen, then most cars without one are certainly going to fail an MOT. A car with a cracked windscreen could fail an MOT, depending on the severity and location of the crack.

  • If there is damage of over 40mm in size anywhere on the screen, you will fail the MOT.
  • If there is damage of over 10mm in size in zone A, then you fail the MOT
windscreen damage repair guide

Your car will only pass an MOT if it is designed to be driven without a windscreen. Some versions of Jeeps and racing cars either come with a windscreen that can be folded down or no windscreen at all. These cars aren’t recommended for driving on highways, as it can be dangerous for yourself and other drivers when you are distracted by the high-pressure wind and bugs flying into your face.

the dangers of driving without a windscreen

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