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Can I Be Fined for Driving a Messy Car?

Reading time 3 minutes • Last updated on February 26th, 2021

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Can I Be Fined for Driving a Messy Car?

Last updated on February 26th, 2021What does this mean?

messy car

Some people pride themselves on the appearance of their car, washing and polishing the exterior, then hoovering and sanitising the interior. However, this isn’t the case for everyone, as we all know someone whose car is a complete mess! It’s easy to let your car get messy from time to time, especially since we all have such busy lifestyles. Although, one driver took it too far in South Buckinghamshire, as he was pulled over after police officers noticed he had an extremely messy car. The footwells were filled with takeaway wrappers, stubbed cigarettes, and salad scraps, piled up to the knee level.

How a messy car can be dangerous

Having an extremely messy car can be dangerous, as anything could get stuck under the brake pedal or on top of the accelerator whilst you’re driving, which could have fatal consequences. This is not only a danger to yourself but to other drivers and pedestrians too. So it is important to keep your drivers seat and footwell uncluttered and tidy. The police issued the untidy driver with a fine and points on his licence, and he was later arrested for an unrelated matter.

How an unclean car exterior could get you a fine

It’s not only a messy interior that can get you in trouble with the law, if your car’s exterior is too dirty, it may be inhibiting your driving ability. Drivers can land a fine of up to £1000 if their number plate cannot be read from excessive dirt, as if they break the law whilst driving, it will be difficult for the police to identify them. There are a few more components of a car which must be kept clean for legal and safety reasons, these are:

  • Rear window
  • Windscreen
  • Mirrors
  • Head and tail lights
keep your wing mirror, lights, windscreen and rear window clean

Keeping your car clean and tidy

Even with all the potential risks a messy and dirty car can pose, surveys show that 8% of motorists have been pulled over in the past and asked to clean their number plate. Keeping these areas clean is essential to ensuring you are able to drive without anything inhibiting the view of the surrounding road and traffic. In order to keep your interior tidy, we recommend:

Using car organisers – These handy organisers will make it easier for you to put things away after use, instead of leaving them in the footwells of your car or on the seats, they’ll hang behind the driver’s seat, out of the way.

Seat gap fillers – Seal the gaps in between the seats and the console with covers, so you won’t lose anything down there or be tempted to shove rubbish down the gaps.

Plastic portable bins – Get a small bin that can slide easily into the door compartments and use this as your bin and empty when full. This will prevent your car from smelling and becoming cluttered.

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